Revolutionizing Remote Electrical Resistance Measurement

Published on Feb 23, 2024 | Last updated Feb 23, 2024 | Technical Articles

Client Overview: FusionDAQ, was approached by a client facing a critical challenge in measuring electrical contact resistance of high-speed Ethernet connections at remote installations. This client required a solution that could accurately measure sub-ohm resistance without disrupting the Ethernet link, enabling proactive maintenance to prevent costly downtime.

Client Challenge: The client needed a reliable method to continuously measure electrical contact resistance at remote installations. Traditional methods were not feasible because they often required interrupting the Ethernet link, leading to downtime and potential service disruptions.

FusionDAQ Solution: FusionDAQ’s team collaborated closely with the client to customize the MI-8 data logger to meet the specific requirements. By reusing an existing design, FusionDAQ was able to quickly deliver a product capable of measuring sub-ohm electrical resistance without interrupting the Ethernet link. The solution involved modifying Power over Ethernet (PoE) transformers to inject a small common-mode electrical current into the Ethernet pairs while simultaneously measuring the voltage drop across the connector under test. This innovative approach enabled live resistance measurements without disrupting the active Ethernet connection.

MI-8 Cellular Data Logger was used to remotely measure electrical contact resistance for client
MI-8 Data Logger is capable of precision electrical resistance measurements

Key Features of the Solution:

  • Custom modification of the MI-8 data logger to measure sub-ohm electrical resistance.
  • Real-time electrical resistance measurement across the connector under test.
  • Compatibility with other differential electrical buses such as RS-485 and CAN (Controller Area Network).
  • Seamless integration with LTE cellular connectivity for continuous, unattended data transmission to a remote server.

Outcome and Benefits: The implementation of FusionDAQ’s customized solution resulted in significant benefits for the client:

  • Cost Savings: The client experienced cost savings as a result of proactive maintenance enabled by remote resistance measurements.  Technicians could be dispatched with the right parts from the start and avoid multiple trips.
  • Reduced Downtime: Predictive maintenance based on remote resistance measurements allowed the client to anticipate and address potential failures before they led to complete Ethernet link failures, minimizing downtime.
  • Efficiency Improvement: Proactive intervention based on real-time data reduced technician diagnosis time and streamlined maintenance processes.


FusionDAQ’s collaboration with the client to develop and implement a customized solution for remote electrical resistance measurement exemplifies their commitment to meeting customer needs. By modifying their products to suit specific requirements, FusionDAQ enabled the client to enhance operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and achieve cost savings. This successful project underscores FusionDAQ’s expertise in providing tailored solutions for diverse industrial applications and highlights their dedication to customer satisfaction.