8-Channel Thermocouple Instrumentation Amplifier and Signal Conditioner

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Integrated thermocouple amplifier/conditioner with 8 dedicated channels, grounded thermocouple handling, and a full enclosure. Thermocouple inputs are converted into a 0-5V, highly-linear 4mV/°C output signal representing a -250°C – 1000°C temperature range. This unit can be supplied with the full automotive supply range and beyond, with a 7-26V continuous supply range. Input and output harnesses maintain thermocouple signal integrity while protecting against vibration. Finally, the electronics are specially treated to protect against humid environments.


  • Automotive Data Acquisition (exhaust, coolant, cylinder head, brakes, etc)
  • Industrial instrumentation (process control, coolants, fluids, bearings)
  • Brewing applications
  • Oven temperature monitoring


  • Grounded thermocouples are handled, with a common-mode voltage range from -1.5V - 6V
  • Mini-style TC inputs standard, contact us for large or other connector needs
  • Measures -250°C-1000°C (extended range)
  • Ttc = ((Vout - 1) / 0.004)°C
  • Analog output with high cutoff frequency
  • Measure rapid changes in temperature, such as exhaust temp during a drag race, that mansensors can't detect
  • Perfect for EGT, CHT, fluid temps, brewing, and many other industrial temperature sensing applications
  • Supply voltage range: 7 - 26V with full reverse polarity protection
  • ± 2°C linearity from -20 - 400°C ( -4 - 752°F)
  • ± 16°C linearity from -100 - 1300°C (-148 - 2372°F) without correction
  • Correction tables are available, full range accuracy to ± 1°C
  • Open thermocouple detect, channel voltage pulls to 5V
  • Designed, manufactured, tested and shipped from the USA

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Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in

J-Type, K-Type

Supply Voltage

7.0 – 26.0 Volts

Thermocouple Common-Mode Range

-1.5 – 6.0 Volts

Temperature Range

-250 to 1000 °C